STSMS provides terminal management services utilizing experience gained working on
numerous terminals. We bring professionalism and industry recognized experience to the
terminals we are managing.

  • O&M – LNG operations and maintenance, technical expertise through current and previous projects
  • Design verification
  • Independent third party terminal inspections on behalf of ship owners
  • LNG technical compatibility studies



For vessels or terminals conducting non-routine operations, such as LNG STS for the first time, we can provide personnel to assist with the planning right through to operational completion.

For terminals that wish to diversify their operations, LNGSTS can conduct feasibility studies to determine suitability as well as steps required to achieve the desired objective. We can help with reloading in a normal discharge port through to using ERC’s and hose based systems as a bad weather contingency system.



LNGSTS staff are fully trained in the use of Optimoor Software and producing compatibility. Our in-house Compatibility Studies Department has the ability to check the static or dynamic response of any type of inshore or offshore mooring to weather events producing clear results even for the most complex settings.


STSMS offers shore-to-ship solutions – a popular service amongst our clients. This includes:

  • Terminal optimization to help our clients deal with the ever changing global market
  • Assisting import terminals to be export terminals (or vice versa)
  • Utilizing existing facilities to break bulk, make bulk or conduct transshipment
  • Providing LNG Superintendents to assist and train the terminal staff in dealing with the new operations
  • Consultancy and procurement services for any additional technology needed such as LNG, High pressure gas transfer systems and mooring equipment including fenders, or facility modification
  • We can create or tailor existing procedures or manuals to cover the new operations
  • Providing Optimoor and compatibility services
  • Auditing and efficiency monitoring.


Country Year Transfers
Bahia Blanca 2008 >10 transfers
Kuwait 2009 11 transfers
Kuwait 2010 33 transfers
Kuwait 2011 38 transfers
Kuwait 2012 34 transfers
Kuwait 2013 28 transfers
Kuwait 2014 37 transfers
China 2014 1 transfer
Jordan 2015 20 transfers
Kuwait 2015 43 transfers
Jordan 2015 29 transfers
Kuwait 2015 46 transfers
Jordan 2016 48 transfers
Kuwait 2017 50 transfers
Jordan 2017 52 transfers
Kuwait 2017 51 transfers
Jordan 2018 38 transfers
Jordan 2019 19 transfers
Jordan 2020 12 transfers
Jordan 2021 0 transfers
Jordan 2022 1 transfer
Jordan 2023 2 transfers
Lumbin 2023 14 transfers