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Middle East & Asia

Khor Fakkan

Pre-screening of vessels for suitability and compatibility

We carry out initial overview assessments to determine the compatibility and suitability of the two vessels involved in the STS operations based on location, equipment available and weather conditions.

Specialized and highly trained mooring masters (POAC)

Our Mooring Masters are experienced and fully qualified to carry out the operations at hand and hold references and qualifications as per the Mooring Master Guide and STS Guide. Our Mooring Masters’ extensive experience in mooring and cargo handling is essential to the safety of operations.

Additionally, our Mooring Masters fully understand all aspects of LPG STS, allowing us to deliver results efficiently with multi-cargo knowledge and offer guidance and support throughout the transfer.

State-of the-art equipment including fenders, hoses and support craft

We work with fully vetted partners and service providers for the maintenance and transport of our STS operations equipment and operate congruently to maintain our health and safety statistics.

Together we ensure that the correct cargo hoses are provided for the safe completion of the operation in addition to vapour balancing hoses. All grades of cargo transferred and the special requirements for discharge and loading are adhered to by a fully experienced LPG POAC.

Cargo compatibility requirements are subject to stringent checks  and detailed records maintained to ensure no contamination issues.

Due diligence, weather forecasting, break bulk logistics

Safety is our priority when carrying out due diligence and analysing the weather forecasts. The team shares its expertise on the feasibility of operations at pre-agreement stage.

Pre-operation risk assessment and joint plan of operations for vessel owners

Pre-operation risk assessments are carried out for all operations and a joint plan of operations is compiled to ensure all parties understand the process and procedures that are in place throughout the operation.

Total compliance with international and local regulations

Our local knowledge, expertise and relationships with our business partners can advise whether there are any issues, concerns or problems relating to international and local regulations.

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