LNGSTS is a brand of STS marine solutions, part of 1923 investments. We are ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 “Certified for Management of Operations and associated activities of LNG terminals, transfers and vessels”. We are one of the world’s leading service providers with over 30 years of ship to ship transfer experience involving Crude, refined petroleum products, LPG, LNG and even items for the Department and Ministry of Defence (DOD and MOD). We have had a dedicated LNG department since 2005.


We deliver unmatched expertise in the marine transfer of LNG and LPG through cost-effective and safety-focused solutions. A combination of local assets and ultimate flexibility make us the provider of choice in the Global LNG market.


The LNGSTS team is experienced in ship-to-ship emergency response and can ensure the success of your next operation. Our detailed incident response plan is based upon time-tested scenarios and can support you when you need it most.

Pre-STS operations

  • Dynamic Optimoor
  • Compatibility Assessments

Static Mooring Analysis

  • Standard OCIMF mooring criteria
  • Setting up of simulation and establishing best practice mooring arrangement
  • Single or double side

Dynamic Mooring Analysis

  • Specific environmental criteria
  • Setting up of simulation and establishing best practice mooring arrangement
  • Single or double side

Confirmation of interface compatibility

Compatibility assessment between vessels/vessel-Terminal comprising of:
  • Ships manifolds are inside the operating envelope for the unloading equipment
  • Confirmation of compatibility of position and size of ship’s manifolds
  • Confirmation of ESD system compatibility
  • Ship’s communication systems compatibility
  • BOG handling systems assessment

Location assessment

Metocean Study

  • Wind and wave scatter diagrams and associated roses based on 35 years of data
  • Downtime analysis results
  • Wave persistence data

On site assessment covering:

  • General location information
  • Local authority details
  • Local logistics
  • Subcontractor identification
  • High level area risk assessment and summary
  • Licencing information

LNGSTS staff are fully trained in the use of the Optimoor software and conducting compatibility studies as a standard. Many of our operations (open water, in port and alongside STS transfers) require the use of compatibility studies and this allows us to be able to work closely with our clients with the required data to complete reports and answer queries rapidly and accurately.

We have applied accepted practices of ship compatibility checks for almost all our projects. We specialize in marine interface requirements for ship-to-ship as well as ship-to-shore and possess the latest Optimoor software and both static and dynamic analysis ability.

  • A Joint Plan of Operations (JPO) provides a working plan of the intended operation followed by both vessels
  • Mooring Masters direct fendering operations, berthing and unberthing of vessels
  • Qualified Master Mariners and Pilots with experience and knowledge
  • An LNG superintendent provides the technical expertise required when utilising LNG STS equipment and works closely with the Master and Mooring Master on cargo transfer advice
  • Dedicated LNG STS equipment positioned at specific locations but we have the ability to accommodate requests
  • Emergency STS provisions
  • Review and feedback
  • References: MARPOL / OCIMF STS guide / SIGGTO


LNGSTS is committed to achieving operational excellence and delivering flawless customer service using an integrated risk-based approach to the management of health, safety, environment, quality and security.

Zero Harm

Strive for zero harm to people and property by holding Health and Safety as our first priority

Zero Spills

Strive for zero spills and minimize the impact of our operations on the environmentority

Risk-based Security Measures

Safeguard personnel and property through risk based security measures

Training and Development

Enhance the competence of our people through structured training and career development

Continual Improvement

Use performance measures to continuously improve our operations

Regulatory Requirements

Meet or exceed all regulatory requirements

LNGSTS is certified: ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 45001 certified